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Suzanne K. Blattner


Suzanne Keith Blattner, Ed.S is a special education consultant and advocate who has worked in various capacities in special education since 1980. Her experiences include a variety of teaching, diagnostics and administrative responsibilities in public schools and major medical facilities.


For the past 25 years, Ms. Blattner has served as a consultant for families who are seeking expert counsel regarding the process of evaluating their child's needs and securing school and services options that best meet those needs. Ms. Blattner's educational background brings in-depth training not only in special education, but also in child development and neurodevelopment. In addition, her teaching experiences with young children have provided her with hands on knowledge of best practices in early childhood education.


As an advocate, Ms. Blattner provides guidance during Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings and expert testimony in legal proceedings as necessary. Ms. Blattner is committed to providing tailored guidance to each client based on his or her individual needs. Her work supports families to the transition through high school and next steps. As a committed professional in this area for many years, Ms. Blattner has also had the benefit of monitoring students and their outcomes over many years of their educational experiences from preschool through college.


In addition to consultation services, tutoring and academic therapy is provided to students who require specialized learning supports. All of the tutors who work with Ms. Blattner are highly skilled and experienced with educational backgrounds in Special Education along with a wide range of teaching experiences. 

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