Anneliese Girson


Anneliese is a first grade special education teacher with MCPS and has taught in a self-contained classroom for four years. Anneliese's primary goal as an educator is to provide opportunities for inclusion while emphasizing both the grade-level curriculum and shaping behaviors to promote independence. As an educator, she has experience adapting and modifying grade-level curricula to meet the wide variety of needs in her classroom. As a tutor, Anneliese's goal is to increase independence and executive functioning skills of her clients while emphasizing the foundational skills in learning. This predominantly includes teaching fact fluency and problem-solving skills in math, fluency and phonics in reading, and handwriting and organization in writing.


Anneliese earned both her Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees from the University of Maryland College Park. She is certified to teach from birth to age 21. In addition, Anneliese has been trained in Orton Gillingham methodologies and has worked with clients using the Orton Gillingham scope and sequence from age 4 to age 12. Anneliese is also trained in the Zones of Regulation to support social/emotional functioning and understanding. Anneliese provides resources and materials to parents to support social/emotional learning and academic progress for the child when they are at home. Overall, Anneliese's mission as an educator and a tutor is to make learning meaningful and fun and to create a positive, healthy relationship with school and work.